The Mercedes Benz Stadium Building Wrap Marvel

    At bluemedia, we bring innovation to life through our dynamic and eye-catching building wraps. Our latest venture with Mercedes Benz Stadium was no exception. We were entrusted with the task of adorning this iconic landmark with high-resolution graphics, turning it into a radiant masterpiece. In collaboration with Merkley and Partners, the ad agency behind Mercedes in NYC, we set out on an exciting journey filled with creativity, innovation, and brand activation.

    Maneuvered around the major events at summer peak like Beyonce concert, the SEC opening game, and the Falcons preseason schedule.

    Achieving the difficult task that no one has ever accomplished before, wrapping five facets of the Mercedes Benz Stadium.

    the challenge

    When Graphics Meet Architecture

    Our partnership with Mercedes Benz Stadium was a testament to our expertise and reputation in the field. Although recommended by the stadium itself, we underwent a rigorous bidding process that attested to our commitment to delivering excellence. The scale of this project demanded meticulous planning, extensive communication, and ingenious solutions.

    Mercedes Benz Stadium boasts intricately designed facets (windows) that needed our expertise to illuminate all the graphics at night. This wasn't our first rodeo; we had previously wrapped the same stadium for Super Bowl 53.

    Our journey was filled with unique experiences and opportunities. Working in late summer meant we had to maneuver around major events like the Beyoncé concert, the SEC opening game, and the Falcons preseason schedule. These "blackout" dates added complexity to our timeline.

    Our Solution

    Navigating Timelines Amidst Star-Studded Events

    Despite these hurdles, we pressed on, ensuring fan interaction reached its peak during the Atlanta Falcons home opener game on September 10th.

    Our proudest achievement in this project was achieving what had never been done before. We wrapped all five facets, including the main facet known as the "Window to the City." Super Bowl 53 had only seen the front three facets wrapped, beating our own previous accomplishments. This remarkable endeavor showcases our commitment to pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations as a brand activation company.

    Looking back, we wouldn't change a lot about this project. However, we do wish for uninterrupted time to eliminate any uncertainties. 

    At bluemedia, we don't just wrap buildings; we transform them into works of art.


    Project Testimonial

    It was great working with RJ and the entire team at bluemedia. You guys’ ROCK, the stadium looks amazing.
    Angel Pabon

    Senior Producer for Merkley & Partners

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    The Mercedes Benz Stadium Building Wrap Marvel

    At bluemedia, we bring innovation to life through our dynamic and eye-catching building wraps. Our latest venture with Mercedes Benz Stadium was no exception. We were entrusted with the task of adorning this iconic landmark with high-resolution graphics, turning it into a radiant masterpiece. In collaboration with Merkley and Partners, the ad agency behind Mercedes in NYC, we set out on an exciting journey filled with creativity, innovation, and brand activation.

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    Creating Magic in the Cornfields: The Field of Dreams Experience

    At bluemedia, we're no strangers to turning dreams into reality. With a passion for bringing ideas to life, we've handled numerous baseball-related events, but the Field of Dreams project was truly extraordinary. 

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    Unforgettable experiences with experimental domes

    In the ever-evolving landscape of event marketing, bluemedia has emerged as a pioneer in delivering unforgettable and highly customizable event experiences. Our experiential domes have redefined event environments, offering versatility, durability, and climate control, and can be tailored to a myriad of purposes. From corporate retreats to music festivals and conferences, these domes have become the ultimate canvas for creating immersive and memorable experiences. 

    bluemedia's experiential domes are not just structures, they are transformative environments. These domes serve as 360-degree theaters, where captivating brand narratives are brought to life through cinematic motion graphics and awe-inspiring soundscapes. Every element of the dome can be tailored to suit the specific event, from furnishings to lighting, ensuring a truly unique experience for attendees.

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    The Super Bowl Marriott Sleepover Contest is a symphony of logistical marvels, a tale of meticulous planning, and a testament to bluemedia's expertise in the art of transformation. As we delve into the details of this remarkable partnership, we uncover the challenges, the solutions, and the countless moments of joy that have defined this annual tradition. It's an experience of turning a dream into reality, where each year, bluemedia orchestrates a seamless transition from a spectator suite to a Courtyard by Marriott Suite and back, all while ensuring the event's utmost security.

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    This is a pivotal moment for Kansas City as it is its first time to host the NFL Draft. It is bluemedia’s second time to do the NFL Draft. It exemplifies the enduring partnership between bluemedia and the NFL.

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    In the competitive landscape of live sports events, creating immersive and unforgettable fan experiences is paramount. For the AT&T Byron Nelson Golf Tournament in Dallas, AT&T partnered with bluemedia to spearhead a captivating project, the AT&T FanDom. As the title sponsor of the event, AT&T enlisted bluemedia to design, produce, and install a 50-foot projection FanDome, revolutionizing the fan experience. 

    The AT&T FanDome aimed to offer golf enthusiasts a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the tournament action. bluemedia's FanDome, a 360 degree immersive structure, became a hub for AT&T's latest offerings and exclusive content. Inside the dome, attendees were treated to live feeds from the first and seventeenth tees, along with coverage from the Golf Channel and CBS Sports. The projection videos included a special vignette of AT&T athlete Jordan Spieth, adding a personal touch to the experience.

    From Dumbbells to Global Thrills: Our Evolutionary Journey with CrossFit Games 2023

    Our Evolutionary Odyssey 

    Having been deeply rooted in this journey of CrossFit since 2014, our role in the CrossFit Games 2023, which was primarily operational, shifted to create a branding opportunity, making the Games an immersive experience. We had defined parameters, a consistent venue, and a familiar client. Over the years, we witnessed the Games grow in stature, attracting sponsors and captivating television audiences.

    Crafting Epic Festival Moments: bluemedia's Ongoing Symphony with Outside Lands

    bluemedia's Epic Encore with Outside Lands

    Our partnership with Outside Lands isn't just a business transaction. It's an odyssey, a testament to innovation and collaboration. From a cold call to the heart of the festival, we've grown and evolved. As we continue this remarkable journey, we remain committed to crafting engaging experiences and scripting success stories. Outside Lands 2023 isn't just an event, it's our dedication to making moments unforgettable.

    Our responsibilities have evolved with each passing year, crafting an immersive atmosphere that festival-goers cherish. From the start, bluemedia made a powerful impression, captivating everyone with the mesmerizing radiance and artistic display of backlit signs and banners that embellished the event.

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    SuperBowl 53 Triumph at Mercedes-Benz Stadium

    bluemedia has been orchestrating unforgettable SuperBowl events for years. SuperBowl 53, hosted at Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium, stood out as a testament to our unparalleled expertise and innovation.

    Our role in SuperBowl 53 was multifaceted but central to the event's success. The project revolved around creating a memorable experience, with the iconic Budlight Knight as its focal point. bluemedia was tasked with ensuring that the event signage and installations were not just remarkable but flawlessly executed.

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    San Diego Comic-Con, a mecca for fans of fantasy and science fiction, annually draws hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts eager for a glimpse into the world of comics, stories, and pop culture. With the spotlight on upcoming shows and attractions, the event's success depends on creating immersive experiences and unforgettable branding. We, bluemedia, a leader in event management and experiential solutions, embarked on a transformative journey to craft a spectacle that would stand out in the sea of excitement, showcasing the highly-anticipated brands like FOX and Nat Geo among the myriad of other offerings and brands.

    Wrapping the Astrodome with Netflix's Selena: The Series

    In the heart of our portfolio, amongst the grandeur of Super Bowls and Formula 1 races, lies a unique project that holds a special place in our journey. bluemedia, through a valued referral, took the lead in transforming the iconic Astrodome as part of Netflix's heartfelt biography, "Selena: The Series." 

    Our role in this project was clear - to capture the essence of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, the legendary Tejano singer, and bring her legacy to life. We wanted to create a larger-than-life visual representation of the Tejano singer. 

    James Baldwin Wrap: Spectacular 9-storey mural of the author/activist in Downtown Phoenix

    At bluemedia, we believe in the power of art to inspire, to challenge, and to change. The James Baldwin Mural Project was not just another project for us, it was an opportunity to make a lasting statement during a pivotal moment in history. It was a remarkable feat of turning a blank canvas into a powerful symbol of hope and empowerment in the heart of Phoenix's Roosevelt Arts District.

    Super Bowl LVII: New challenges at a familiar venue

    Super Bowl 57 in Arizona! It's bigger than Ever.  

    Super Bowl 57 was a landmark moment for us at bluemedia, as it marked the 4th time that our home state, Arizona, hosted this prestigious event and marks the 2nd time that bluemedia has the main contract vendor for all graphics in Arizona and it also marks as bluemedia's 10th year as a vendor for the Super Bowl. 


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