A word from our clients

    Where Giants Meet Excellence. Through our collaborations, we have showcased our dedication, crafted influential campaigns, captivated a broader audience, and made an indelible mark in the industry.

    In Arizona, we shared something special – a project that united fans, teams, partners, and the NFL family. Together, we painted moments that shone, big and small.

    From the stress to peace, tears to power, and championship to 'can't believe it's real' moments, you made it happen. You crafted a 9,500 square foot mural, an 8k projection, multiple projections, exquisite designs, sculptures, and transformed spaces.

    You turned creative dreams into reality, filled the streets with banners and mesh, and created 'I'll never forget that' moments for NFL fans. You, my friends, are living proof of the magic that is creativity.

    Congratulations on creating pure magic.

    Daphne Wood

    Director, Events at the National Football League


    Super Bowl 57 was a landmark moment for us at bluemedia, as it marked the first time that our home city, Arizona, hosted this prestigious event after having seen eight incredible Super Bowls in various cities.

    Had a great experience working with Harlan and Paul at bluemedia. From Concept and Design through execution, they were a pleasure to work with all the way!

    Brian Taravella


    Netflix’s Selena: The Series

    The mesmerising Selena building wrap, featuring highlights from the acclaimed Netflix series and a tribute to her legacy.

    Congrats to you and the team! Very innovative and a vast improvement over the past years.Everyone seemed to have fun.

    Proud of the willingness to change and the boldness of the plan. Definitely something to build on. You all should feel good. Congrats!

    Roger Goodell

    The Commissioner at the NFL

    I wanted to quickly shoutout your phenomenal team that worked F1. I appreciate your leadership and the way you push for answers/priorities/deadlines and kept things moving forward for us all. Rich's leadership was the reason my components were completed – his ability to juggle questions and requests from all angles, interpret our maps and be able to articulate and run crews efficiently was amazing.I know so many others on your team were critical to the success of this project. I saw Jim working hard on large structures, and Tug and Tony keeping us organized in the beginning. I don’t take for granted what a sacrifice it is to work these long hours and be away from home. Please pass along my gratitude.

    Kate Grantham

    Project Manager | KIG Events LLC


    Driving Success in Year 1 and Accelerating to Victory in Year 2

    Hey Guys,

    Wanted to thank both of you again for all the hard work that was put into MLS Cup. You guys managed a very large portion of the job and killed it. Our onsite operations ran very efficiently and a large part of that is credit to you and your team. The organization, packaging, labeling, etc was phenomenal. Much appreciated.



    The entire TGI Team would like to extend our appreciation for the effort and hard work that has been put in over the past few months. It’s a total team effort and every phase of the job counts. Bluemedia is playing a pivotal role in allowing us to be successful with our summer schedule of events. We truly appreciate the dedication, attention to detail and procedures the Bluemedia Team is taking to make our jobs onsite as efficient as possible.

    The entire Bluemedia team continues to raise the bar in our industry, and we truly appreciate the partnership. We look forward to future projects together.

    TGI Team

    I've had the pleasure of working with Harlan and the bluemedia team on Outside Lands and othe festival projects since 2017. Their easy-going nature in the face of our often ridiculous requests, coupled with their attention to detail and sterling work, makes them an ideal partner. From our vibrant stage scrims to custom fabrication, bluemedia are a wonderful, engaged and excited partner in creation. We look forward to many more projects to come.

    William Irons

    Owner - Iron Bloom Creative Production
    Dir. of Creative - Outside Lands


    Our partnership with Outside Lands isn't just a business transaction. It's an odyssey, a testament to innovation and collaboration. From a cold call to the heart of the festival, we've grown and evolved. As we continue this remarkable journey, we remain committed to crafting engaging experiences and scripting success stories. Outside Lands 2023 isn't just an event, it's our dedication to making moments unforgettable.

    It was great working with RJ and the entire team at bluemedia. You guys’ ROCK, the stadium looks amazing.


    Senior Print Producer for Merkley

    Mercedes-Benz Stadium Project

    At bluemedia, we bring innovation to life through our dynamic and eye-catching building wraps. Our latest venture with Mercedes Benz Stadium was no exception. We were entrusted with the task of adorning this iconic landmark with high-resolution graphics, turning it into a radiant masterpiece. In collaboration with Merkley and Partners, the ad agency behind Mercedes in NYC, we set out on an exciting journey filled with creativity, innovation, and event expertise.

    I can not express enough how impressed we all are with your group - it could not have gone better from our end - EVERYONE loved the graphics! Your team was great to work with!!

    Leslie Perkins

    Property Manager at Arrowhead Stadium


    When it comes to event management, we don't just create moments; we create memories that last a lifetime. At bluemedia, we take pride in transforming ideas into stunning realities, and one such remarkable project in our portfolio is - the Kansas City Draft.

    Just wanted to extend a huge thank you for everything with the dome at TCC. The clients and executives absolutely loved it. I know it was a crazy scenario, but thanks for being patient with all our last minute issues. Hopefully next year we can activate inside the dome and really flex our capabilities!
    Thanks again

    Jonathan Martin


    I wanted to connect with you to say thanks for accommodating our request and providing such amazing service. Dani Brandford, one of my staff tasked with coordinating this, has nothing but great things to say. I'm happy that we were able to finally use your services. You all went above and beyond with the specs for the yellow rectangle project and I was disappointed that it didn't go further. Hoping that this is the jumping off point for additional work. In addition to our Base Camp project, we are in development of a National Geographic hotel project on the same site.

    Dave Myslinski

    Sr. Creative Director, Brand & Creative- National Geographic

    Following our most successful 3M Open, I want to emphasize that Paul Whitney and the Bluemedia team have no equal in their capabilities. This monumental undertaking, filled with high expectations and public scrutiny, was met with countless impressive moments delivered effortlessly by your team. They transformed 3M's image, making us feel like the most important event, and I never had to worry, thanks to Paul's unwavering support. I look forward to continuing our partnership with Bluemedia, who are not just partners but friends.

    Collin Hummel

    Global Strategy Group | 3M Center

    Just want to give a big shout out to Joh O’Toole and his staff Jose, Luis and the Nick’s! Through all of our obstacles with weather and equipment, he made it seamless and was so accommodating. Truly one of the best I’ve worked with. Visually WWE loved the decals and showcased them as much as they could on the WrestleMania broadcast.I cannot thank you enough for the help and support on this project and hope to be able to collaborate in the future.

    Kishore Ramlagan and Team SOFI